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11 July 2024
Above Android 5.0
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Super Sus MOD APK
Name of APKSuper Sus -Who Is The Impostor
MOD Versionv1.55.11.032
MOD infoPremium Unlocked, Menu
PermissionLocation, Microphone, Gallery, Wi-Fi, Phone Storage
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 7+
Released Date29 Nov 2021
DownloadsAbove 50Million
Last Update11 July 2024

Super Sus is a strategy-based addictive video 3D video game for Android. The game is very inspired by the popular titles Amoun Us, Squid Game, Werewolf, etc. Those games offer excellent gameplay but the graphics and visual looks poor. It is the main reason people are looking for alternatives with 3D graphics and cool visuals. Here this Mod game comes into play. As a player, you get a unique gameplay experience but the concept is similar. For example, imposters, killing crew members, etc.

It is made for gamers who looking for multiplayer games similar to Among Us. When you see the interface for the first time, you may think it is the upgraded version of Among Us. During the gameplay, crew members should use the strategy to find imposters and be neutrals all the time. Move your character on every part on the spaceship and survive yourself from others.

Play the Super Sus MOD APK game

This game contains all the necessary features for the best gaming experience. It is the main reason it become very famous worldwide and players use to play on their mobile phones. Users will find various modes such as classic and challenging modes. So, based on your skills and knowledge, select the mode and start playing. It also integrates voice chat for easy and better communication in real-time. This is more important for the multiplayer game because lots of users join it to play. So, make friends by sharing your knowledge about determining the impostor. Help others to prevent killing the crew members in the space.


It is a modified game that offers premium unlocked features with its MOD Menu. Users will get the original game with a few additional features for easy wins and better gaming. For example, unlock the customization tools and ad-free gameplay. Get all the main functions like real-time voice chat, advanced customization, and engaging graphics. The MOD APK provides advanced features on any Android device easily.

Engaging Gameplay

After opening the game and clicking on the Play button, the character comes on the spaceship, and other players from the worldwide also join. Then it starts picking a random role for you such as Joker, Spy, Imposter, Seer, Engineer, Sheriff, and Spacecrew. For example, you get the role of Spy. Now, based on the role, the gameplay will change and get different challenges. After all when the emergency meeting starts, you need to find the impostor from the given list. Here chat with other players or crew members using voice and text chat. For easy communication, turn on the microphone or send a text message.

Start the gameplay with your character

This is because it contains multiplayer gameplay where you can build your team with friends and neighbors. Also, it gives you the opportunity to make friends with worldwide players. Users can also see the country flag above the username of the character. As you can see, it gives full details of each user and game.

3D Graphic and Immersive Visual

Immersive visual and 3D graphics in Super Sus

The main highlight of this game is its immersive 3D graphics and visuals. Because similar games are already available and they are very popular yet. But people want better graphics with similar gameplay. It is the main reason, the developer creates 3D models of all elements and creates decent environments. The environment is mainly on the spaceship where you can see both dark and light areas and it is also designed nicely.

Utilize Skills and Creativity

You already know that this is a strategy game and full of action. So, players should use their skill and creativity to find an impostor correctly to save crew members. Unleash your creative knowledge and skills and share your thoughts with members, especially at the emergency meeting.

Daily Rewards

Collect daily rewards and racked in the Super Sus MOD APK

In the game lobby, you can see the daily rewards section where see the gifts that are received. Based on your performance, it gives you the rewards that rank up and unlock more challenges. Also, it can offer new skins for the characters to give a unique look. Whenever new outfits and skins come, players should claim them as a reward. For this, you may participate in multiple tasks in different seasons.

Premium Unlocked

This MOD APK provides every premium feature unlocked and anyone can use them from day one. Also, its MOD Menu enables additional features easily. For example, users can turn on the ad block for ad-free gaming and level up to maximum. All those little changes and additional features help you grow up ranked and get the Super Pass easily.


  • 3D graphics and impressive visuals
  • Provide lots of free customization
  • Offer Super Pass and Ranked model
  • Offers cool new rewards


  • A few bugs cause crashes sometimes
  • The tasks do not work correctly

What's new

Added new chest and role skin.

Users can upgrade roles like Super Roles.

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