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Spotify AB
15 Apr 2024
Above Android 5.1
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Spotify MOD APK
Name of APKSpotify
MOD Versionv8.10.9.722
MOD infoPremium Unlocked | Ad-Free
GenreMusic & Audio
DeveloperSpotify AB
PermissionContacts, Wi-Fi, Phone, Gallery, Storage, Camera, Microphone
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 12+
Released Date26 Feb 2019
DownloadsAbove 1Billion
Last Update15 Apr 2024

Spotify MOD APK is a music streaming application for Android. It is available for iOS and other platforms as well. But all the MOD features are only available for the Android device. It offers all the Spotify Premium features for free. For example, access unlimited music, songs, podcasts, etc. Also, listen to ad-free music streaming for free. Normally, the free version of this APK contains lots of disturbing ads. But the premium APK contains no ads.

If you are used to listening to songs and looking for the best application for your phone then Spotify is the perfect solution. Because it provides all the necessary features. Also, the developer brings new options frequently for a better user experience. More than that the app comes with a simple and user-friendly UI. Anyone can easily navigate the app and find their favorite songs. It is the main reason this app become so popular and over 1 billion people already installed it.

Listen Music on Spotify MOD APK

Lots of us already use the Spotify Premium APK but some of them want this same service for free. Here the MOD APK comes into play. The MOD offers unlimited songs and users can easily access the huge music library. Also, use the additional premium features without any restrictions.


Spotify MOD APK is the modified version of the main app. It provides an ad-free music listening option and gives access to the huge song library. Also, users can access all podcasts and sound collections as well. Normally the free version of this app provides very limited features and all of them are only available for premium subscriptions. But the MOD APK gives us full premium features because it comes with a fully unlocked and ad-free UI.

Ad-Free Listening Experience

Download and Use Spotify MOD APK on Android Phone

Ad-free music listening is the most useful feature of this app. Users can’t get this ad-free option on the free version. Because this is the most demanding as well as premium feature. It allows users to listen to unlimited music and songs without any disturbing advertisements. It means the user will continuously play their favorite songs one by one. This is actually possible because it doesn’t contain ads. So, it definitely enhances the overall listening experience.

Access Unlimited Songs Collection and Skips

You pretty much know that Spotify contains the biggest music library and collects. Now, this MOD APK also gives permission to access the full music library. Now, the cool thing is, that users also can skip songs easily. Normally, the app never provides the unlimited skips option but here it’s possible to use unlimited music skips on the playlist as well as albums. No need to wait for a long time to skip the disliked songs.

Download Music for Offline Use

It is another very useful feature where anyone can download all the songs, playlists, albums, and even podcasts for offline listing. Now, the downloaded audio can be used anywhere. No matter the location or having an internet connection or not. Users will listen to the song in the offline mode. So, we recommend downloading all your favorite songs on the phone.

Unlimited Premium Features

This modified application offers unlimited songs with skips and an ad-free listing experience. Both two features are the main and helpful for all users. But it is not enough because this MOD APK unlocked additional premium features. Using those options, users can improve the music listening experience on any device. For example, offline music playing after downloading. It is super helpful when your device is out of the internet connection. Moreover, it actually saves internet data as well. Because playing the same audio, again and again, consumes the same amount of data.

By utilizing the premium features, unlock Spotify Connect, Seek forward, and backward, shuffle, and high-quality music. All those items enhance the overall music listing experience. The app is already designed for a better experience for all music lovers or enthusiasts. So, the UI of this app is also very simple and easy to install without rooting your phone.

Ease of Use

The app is designed for the best user experience and it is the main reason the UI looks pretty simple. it offers a user-friendly design where users can easily navigate to the vast music library. Also, search for your favorite songs and to play them easily. The controls and menu design are also very straightforward.

Maximum Sound Quality

The sound quality in kbps really matters for music streaming and Spotify offers various sound quality. If you use the free version then get only 160kpbs but the premium user can use 320kbps quality. Also, the Hi-Fi gives us maximum quality which is 1411kbps. Normally 320kbps is more than enough but users can also upgrade to the Hi-Fi quality.

View Lyrics

Lots of music enthusiasts want to view the lyrics for a better understanding of the song. That’s the reason, Spotify syncs the Lyrics of all songs and users will view them while playing the song. It works pretty well on all devices, especially on Android. Read the full lyrics while the songs play in the background.


  • It offers a huge music library
  • Easy-to-discover songs
  • User-friendly UI
  • Download for offline listening to
  • Ad-free streaming
  • Get the lyrics of the songs


  • Hi-Fi quality is not available for all songs
  • Lyrics collection is also very limited
  • Missing the AI DJ option

What's new

Made some changes to improve the music listening experience.

Fix some bugs.

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