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26 Apr 2024
Above Android 9
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SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake APK
Name of APKSpongeBob – The Cosmic Shake
MOD Versionv1.1.0
MOD infoComplete
File FormatAPK, APKs
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date21 Dec 2023
DownloadsAbove 10K
Last Update26 Apr 2024

If you looking for a mobile video game with a well-known cartoon character then you will get it here. Users can find this game with lots of action and advanced gameplay. You may know that there are lots of fans available worldwide of this animated character and it is the main reason people want to play this game on mobile phone.

SpongeBob run on top on a big stone

It is a platformer game where users find various puzzles. They need to solve those puzzles to complete the mission and challenges. Also, fight with different enemies to defend yourself as well as your friends. The story is mostly inspired by the TV series and you get a similar experience.

The game contains all the popular characters such as Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Sandy. Also, players can explore the famous Bikini Bottom City. Developers try to provide similar-looking buildings and other items in the surroundings. As a player, you become the main character and explore the area as well.


It is a mobile video game for Android and comes with advanced gameplay. It is a large size game because there are plenty of features available with high-quality graphics. Now, you can’t install this game free of cost from the Google Play Store currently. But here users will get this APK free. After installing the APK, players can experience exciting and innovative adventures.

Immersive Storyline

As we mentioned already, the story is mostly inspired by its comics and here players can start the journey. In the beginning, they find a mysterious bottle, and inside the bottle, a fairy Kassandra is available. This bottle is also full of bubbles and when the doors suddenly open, it becomes a mysterious universe. Then the players and other friends face huge challenges. They need to find the secret methods to restore the world.

Dodge various obstacles on the game

The journey begins from the Bikini Bottom Valley and it takes you to the mysterious place. Explore the world and unveil the hidden secrets or solve the magical puzzles to save the world as well as the city.

Meet Well-Known Characters

Users will meet popular and well-known characters while playing. For example, the best friend of SpongeBob is named Patrick. Both of them have lots of fun and colorful memories. Also, you will meet other neighbors of that valley.

After completing a few levels, new characters will unlocked automatically and then players get the opportunity to meet with them. Mainly the Krusty Karb restaurant owner Mr. Krabs who wants to expand their business. For that Krabs try to implement funny methods.

Excellent Gameplay

Play SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake APK on Android

Compared to the other series of this game, this comes with unique gameplay and story mode. Travel to different areas or regions and solve magical challenges. Because the game contains a variety of missions, levels, puzzles, etc. Also, players need to travel and dodge various obstacles on the way.

There are few enemies or evils available and players need to fight against them. For this, it is pretty important to develop new skills as well as increase your ability. Make a good strategy and defeat enemies. Additionally, it contains mysterious and exciting items in all areas and you have to collect the necessary ones.

Travel to 7 Remarkable Wishworlds

Travel to 7 Wishworlds on SpongeBob - The Cosmic Shake game

Feel free to join and discover 7 remarkable wishworlds in the game and players can travel each of them. All of the areas come with different experiences and visuals. The 1st world is Jellyfish Fields where all the beautiful and coloring jellyfish float under the sea. The players and others can travel in this area and try to avoid touching jellyfish stings. 2nd is the Bikini Bottom where the game starts and it is the main valley. Here players find the house of SpongBob’s which looks like a pineapple. Also, find Patrick’s home as well as Krab’s restaurant. 3rd world is Goo Lagoon which is a sunny beach. Here players and their friends spend time playing mini fun games. 4th place is Rock Bottom and it is a mysterious area with lots of strange creatures. 5th wishworld named Atlantis is the oldest city and is full of secrets. You will find different hidden items here. 6th World is named The Flying Dutchman’s Ship which is a pirate ship and the last world is The Chum Bucket Universe which is completely controlled by Plankton.

Listen to the Original Soundtrack and Songs

The game plays various sounds like background music and other effects as well. Here you will listen to unique and original soundtracks composed by the same composers. Also, it contains dozens of songs inspired by the TV series. This is because the game wants to create similar environments and feel.


  • Contains a fun and entertaining gameplay
  • The story is inspired by the original TV series and all of them try to make a similar environment
  • 7 unique wish worlds available to explore
  • Ad-free gaming


  • Required high specification of CUP and RAM
  • Large in size
  • Doesn’t have a multiplayer option

What's new

Fix the bug in the achievements section. Fixed the crash issue.


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