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Azur Interactive Games Limited
08 July 2024
Above Android 5.1
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Slime Castle MOD APK
Name of APKSlime Castle
MOD Versionv1.1.2
MOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlocked All
DeveloperAzur Interactive Games Limited
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date31 May 2024
DownloadsAbove 5 Million
Last Update08 July 2024

Attackers always want to destroy your slime kingdom and create new challenges and missions. Gamers join every war and mission but don’t want to save people. The location is very mysterious in a forest interface, and there are defeated enemies. In that location, there are so many human stay lots of years. But they always defend from slimes. So many places implement some slime detectors for safety.

Various types of missions and events are available here, but the main purpose is to protect the kingdom from bad humans. Sutton attacks any time created by evil slime, so always prepare for attack form. So must rise and battle to preserve the forest’s calm and the slime’s chance of surviving. By assembling all of the kingdom’s slime, gain immense power.

They will fight against those who are self-centered. Take up arms and put an end to the wicked people. Challenges to protect the magical forest slime kingdoms from human attackers in an exciting tower defense game with extensive RPG advancement. Begin as a lowly slime and grow into the powerful slime warrior savior through evolution, skill upgrades, gear purchases, and strategic auto-battles.



Combining tower defense gaming with role-playing. Its auto-battle system and straightforward unused clicker features allow players to have a fun adventure with smooth gameplay. Along the way, players will discover the secrets of the forest as they come across a variety of maps and monsters with special abilities.

Players can construct their fortress and tailor their strategy with the game’s flexible and varied upgrade system. Players may go on an amazing journey full of challenges and thrills, with a great deal of powerful weaponry and charming slimes to level up.

Extreme Powers Become a Hero

After improving gaming skills, knock down the boss and become a slime hero. So after a pro player and increased strategy gamers never stop at any level. Set to protect the woodland kingdoms as the selected slime warrior savior. Through development, cunning, and skill, they become a legendary guardian.

People Connecting Gameplay

Unlike typical strategy games, to complete the novice instruction. At the same time, they developed a platform specifically for fans of strategy games, enabling to communicate and share content with millions of other fans all over the globe. Now must take a stand and battle to defend the forest’s serenity and the slime’s chance of surviving. By assembling all of the kingdom’s slime, you get huge power.

Improve Strength

Large waves of them will attack, severely straining the defenses. However, the slime force will eventually defeat the objectives if have leadership talent. Additionally, must increase the strength of the slime army before the fights get harder and harder. Give them greater harm and defense capabilities by collecting items.

More Challenges and More Fun

That has contributed to the slime warrior team’s strength gains with your increased power. Then battle on every map and show your skills as a leader.

Also safely defend slimes and the forest once you fight humans. But to achieve that, to find and employ efficient fighting techniques. They are keeping people out of their kingdom while trying to defend itself.

So, choose to battle automatically with the slimy force. While they defeat humans, assist them in getting items that will level them up.

Funful Unique Interface

Along with drawing in a large player base of strategy fans with its unique art style, boasts extreme improvements over its traditional forms, including an improved virtual engine. The game’s screen experience has been improved with advanced technology. The maximum improves the user’s senses without deviating from the original strategy style.

Extreme MOD Features

It takes a lot of time for players to gain wealth, abilities, and talents in the game, which is both a great feature and a drawback. However, the process of collecting these things always wears players out. Luckily, the rise of mods has changed this. This is not the place to expend much of your energy repeating the mildly tedious development.

Variety of Maps and Graphics

An exploration of various unique maps and a fight against a variety of enemies. With different terrain and fighting events, every map presents a different challenge. so demand flexibility from players in terms of how they put together their defense units. using an advanced equipment setup. The chibi style of character and environment design, particularly with the Slimes, inspires love and closeness. Each Slime is carefully created both in terms of how they look and the special abilities they have.


  • Always attached with Gameplay
  • New Events always get
  • 2D Graphics Inbuild


  • Face some Glitch

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