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Studio Furukawa
9 Feb 2024
Above Android 4.1
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Pixel Car Racer MOD APK
Name of APKPixel Car Racer
MOD Versionv1.2.5
MOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlocked
DeveloperStudio Furukawa
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date22 Jul 2016
DownloadsAbove 10Million
Last Update9 Feb 2024

Pixel Car Racer MOD APK is a racing video game for all Android users and developed by Studio Furukawa. It is the ultimate Car racer game and comes with lots of customization options. This car racing game offers realistic gameplay where players can create a virtual garage with huge customization features. Feel free to drive and race on the racing track and reach the final point fast to get the victory.

The game contains more than 100 cars in different colors and power. Also, get 1000 plus spare parts available for modifying your dream car to increase the ability. Because the powerful engine helps during race. Utilize the spare parts in the garage and build your powerful and strong supercar. Once you have done this, take the car start the race, and hit the accelerator to reach the top speed.

Get 100 plus cars on the game

The game provides a pixelated graphic and cars with various colors. So, the graphic does not look modern and advanced but users can get countless features and functions. Overall the players get a real-life and creative experience. The gameplay provides very simple and intuitive racing still players can do a lot more activities. For those rich features and excellent gameplay, over 10 million people installed the game from the Google Play Store.


Pixel Car Racer MOD APK is a modified APK that allows all premium features and unlimited virtual money for free. It means any gamer can use the features and virtual money to shop various parts for the car. Money is a very important element for utilizing the full potential of the garage and its customization tools. Now, there are lots of game modes available and players need to explore them. The cool thing is to tune the engine and use the turbo for better sound and speed.

Tuning engine and customize car on Pixel Car Racer MOD APK

Not only that, it gives huge customizations on the car body such as colors and stickers but also powers up the inner parts. So, design your favorite car and give it a unique look. Use your creativity to make your car look different. There are huge design elements available. Also, this MOD APK provides some extra features to enhance the user experience.

Lots of Cars with Multiple Parts

Normally racing games contain a variety of cars from different brands. So, players can choose the best and favorite car to race and drive. Here you also find 100+ cars and the developer added new cars frequently with an update. Also, get more than 1000 car parts to use on the car. So, explore all the spare parts and use them on your car for more benefits and advantages.

Various Game Modes

Different Game Modes are available

There are three different game modes available such as Drag, Street, and Story. Each mode comes with a new gameplay technique and also gives different experiences. For example, drag mode gives the option for free driving, the street mode for driving on the highway, and the most interesting is the story mode. So, try those modes and enjoy the game.

Tuning Engine and Gear Shifting

By default, it only provides normal default engines on all cars but players can tune them in the garage for increased performance. For example, use the turbo as well as Dyno tuning, etc. All those engine tuning and manual gear shifting benefits a lot during racing. But to do that, definitely need skills and knowledge about the cars. Don’t hesitate because the game interface is simple and easy to understand.

Customization on Garage

Shop all items using unlimited money on Pixel Car Racer MOD APK

The main highlighting feature of this Pixel Car Racer is the customization. I’m saying this because it comes with huge customization options for both internal and external. For example, customize the engine, gear, wheel, etc. Also, decorate the car with stickers and change the color for a unique look. All of those are possible by utilizing the customization tools in the garage. So, explore each option and make your own personalized car.

Cloud Saving

The game required an online connection and it saved the game data on the cloud automatically. It means, that you stop the game and restart from the same position. It is possible to save the data on the cloud.

Marketplace for Buying and Selling Cars

There is a marketplace screen accessible for trading the cars for buying and selling. Now, for buying a new car players can sell your car. In this way, users can collect money to buy a new car. Now, it is more useful for the free version of this game. But the MOD APK offers unlimited money and by using it, anyone easily buy the dream car.

Unlimited Money and Unlocked

We mentioned already that this Mod game contains unlimited money. So, players can spend them to buy cars as well as change or upgrade spare parts. Also, get more money when spend more. So, shop all the items and enjoy the game. Moreover, use additional premium unlocked features as well.

Ad-Free Gaming

The normal version of this game contains ads and it appears on the game interface. Now, if you want to get an ad-free gaming experience then this MOD APK helps a lot. Because it contains no ads and provides the best ad-free gameplay.


  • All Premium features unlocked
  • Unlimited money and free shopping
  • 100 plus cars with various car parts
  • Fast Download
  • Huge customization options in the garage
  • Various racing style
  • Three game modes


  • Pixlated graphic
  • 2D gameplay
  • Contains few glitches

What's new

Compatible with the latest Android version Fix new bugs


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