My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK [Unlimited Money]


Outfit7 Limited
18 Jun 2024
Above Android 5.0
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My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK
Name of APKMy Talking Tom Friends
MOD Versionv3.6.0.11809
MOD infoUnlimited Money
DeveloperOutfit7 Limited
PermissionMicrophone, Wi-Fi
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date11 Jun 2020
DownloadsAbove 500Million
Last Update18 Jun 2024

Looking for casual with fun activity gameplay then you can play My Talking Tom Friends. It will help you to distract yourself from a busy life. Just join the game and enjoy this casual simulation gaming. If you also like accompany of adorable animals then it’s the right platform for you. Here users can enjoy their favorite cute cartoon characters and interact with them as friends. Download the game for any Android device from here as well as from Google Play and enjoy.

Play My Talking Tom Friends MOD APK with unlimited money

Inside the game house, there are many characters available from the My Talking Tom series. Some of the most well-known characters are Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, Ben, and Becca. If players find them cute and adorable they can easily interact with them and make friends. There are also many exciting events to participate in with game characters. Enjoy participating in activities that are being held. This game is specially designed for those who enjoy soft and casual gameplay. There are no special targets for players to complete. So it’s easy for users to relax and sometimes take part in the events they are interested in.

The event here is a fully featured place. There is a lovely collection of all the cute cartoon characters. The users will have free access to it. So when you join the game, just enter the house and enjoy taking part in the event. Outside the house, there is a huge area and players can enjoy exploring the surrounding area. Because of its fun gameplay, everyone likes to play this regardless of their age. If you are one of those people who like to enjoy relaxing types of games then you can think about this option.


It’s a game without any fixed goal so players can easily roam around the area or take part in events they are interested in. Enjoy the time by interacting with your favorite friends. There are also some mini-games available that are enjoyable for players. So feel free to participate in activities with your adorable friends. Or can enjoy the other meaningful games with them. Also, the sound and visual effects make this more interesting for users. Everyone can just casually play it and enjoy their free time by relaxing.

Famous Characters from the Series are Present

Do various activities on the game

Each and every famous character from the series is present in this Apk. Join the game as Tom, Angela, Hank, Ginger, etc, and enjoy meeting with others as their friends. Take part in exciting activities with them. Explore the area around the house and try to find clues. Have fun by enjoying different kinds of mini-games and events with these cartoon characters. You will be able to enjoy your free time by being a character of this enjoyable house by yourself.

Beautiful Place to Enjoy

The setup of this game is really interesting because there are beautiful houses available to explore. There are many mysterious rooms present for the users. The house present there is beautiful but the outside area of the house is also equally beautiful and enjoyable. Inside those houses, there are others to interact with. You can make friends with them or invite them for an outside adventure. It is a huge area for players to enjoy their time.

Enjoy Your Time with Friends

Doing outdoor activities on this gameplay

Being inside the Apk you can interact with your adorable animal friends freely. For example, take good care of feeding them with good food so that they don’t get weak or hungry. Bath them with clean water shampoo and other grooming products so they don’t get smelly. Customize dress and makeup cosmetics to make them more adorable. Take naps between the games so your friends don’t get tired easily. Then for the rest of the day take them to their bed for a good night’s sleep.

Take Part in Different Kind of Activities

There are many different kinds of activities to enjoy with your animal friends. Enjoy a tea party with everyone in your free time. Cook food or bake a cake with them. Sometimes try to draw pictures and scenarios with friends and enjoy their hilarious pictures. Take a bath with them in the swimming pool and fight with them with water. Try to solve mysteries with them sometimes. With all these kinds of different activities, you can enjoy your time inside the game.

Enjoy Mini Games

Besides casual activities, there are also many kinds of games that are enjoyable. There are some kinds of mini-games inside the game that you may find attractive. These mini-puzzles are easy to solve and can be entertaining sometimes. Try to solve them with your animal friends. Or participate in some challenge games and get rewards by winning them.

Charming Sound and Visual Effects

Lots of fun activity with friends

Everyone finds this application enjoyable because of its amazing visual and sound effects. The graphics are colorful and designed with dedication. This makes the view of the game really beautiful and attractive to others. There is also an amazing use of sounds. The sound effects work with the movement of the characters. That makes this fictional character’s movements more realistic.

Use MOD APK with Unlimited Money

Even with all these amazing features, it is totally free for Android users. The users just need to get the MOD APK from here and then need to install it on phones. With this, there are some attractive features that are unlocked, and you can get unlimited money. This is a modified version of the real app. All the features are already unlocked for users. So you will be able to have unlimited money and premium features.


  • Multiple 3D characters with cute faces
  • Engaging in home and outdoor environment
  • Find various fun activities with items
  • Manage your pet and take care of them


  • The normal version contains annoying ads
  • Need to add more interesting and funny options

What's new

Added new recipe-making skills where you can make Ice Cream Sundae.

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