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Supersonic Studios LTD
10 July 2024
Above Android 6.0
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Hide 'N Seek! MOD APK
Name of APKHide ‘N Seek!
MOD Versionv1.9.49
MOD infoUnlimited Coins, Money, Unlocked
DeveloperSupersonic Studios LTD
PermissionPhone info, Wi-Fi
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date23 Apr 2020
DownloadsAbove 100Million
Last Update12 July 2024

Most of us used to play the old classic outdoor game hide & seek. It is very much played especially in childhood. Now, if you are looking for a mobile video game with a modern design then install Hide ‘N Seek! MOD APK. It offers all the fun gameplay with 3D visuals. Here players can be a hider or a seeker. The hider, need to build shelters to hide themself. The shelters can be office desks, cars, hay piles, and even water.

Maintain the distance from seeker

The control of this game is pretty easy and using the touch, users can move the characters. Now, if you become the seeker, then find others by moving the character everywhere. During this, users can collect coins and gold bricks as well. The coin will add only one but the bricks give multiple coins at once. So, find other players and get the victory. Don’t worry if you can’t find the hiders in the allotted time because the game gives you another chance to play.

Now, if the users become seekers, then they should maintain the distance from the seeker. Try to make a sufficient distance from the seeker to win. This game offers multiple levels and each comes with new maps and challenges. For the normal version of this game, users need to unlock each level. But this Mod Apk offers fully unlocked premium features. Also, it gives you ad-free gameplay and unlimited coins for free. Utilize all coins and get the ultimate benefits.


It is a modified game that provides unlimited money, coins, and ad-free gaming. Here players can choose any level and play without any restriction. Choose any location and play with your friends on Android. There is no doubt that it is an addictive game because it contains fun gameplay. You provide smooth gameplay and good performance.

Simulation Gameplay

It is a multiplayer game where multiple users or gamers can join to play. All players are kept in a maze and it looks like chaos. Every hidden player wants to be safe from the seeker so that they do not get caught in any way. This maze made with different shape of boundary and they are in different color.

Hide 'N Seek! MOD APK gameplay

Here the hider can see a danger zone around the seeker and players should notice them and maintain the distance. Because if you come on that zone, the game will be over and you lose the game. Now, if you become the seeker then your main job is to find other players and catch hidden people. For this, you should search and hunt every area properly.

There is a clock at the top of the screen and when it starts, you should start action. Because time management is a very crucial part of this gameplay. Try to walk every area and based on the maze, make the right strategy to move.

Various Levels and Challenges

In the initial stage, the gameplay becomes very easy and players will find low challenging levels. But when the level increases, the difficulty of challenges also rises. So, the upper level getting more difficult compared to the previous level. Make the right strategy and complete the challenges.

Multiple Maps

This game contains lots of maps in different colors and visuals. Each of them comes with a unique maze design for the players. So, the shape of each cage is not the same and it is the reason, players should make different strategies to win and escape.

Rescue Your Teammates

Rescue teammates if they caught by the seekers in the game

When the seeker catches your teammate then they will be put in the cage. You can see it in different areas and they ask for “Help Me”. Now, you can go there and rescue them by performing some tasks. Similarly, if you are unlucky and the seeker is caught then they will be put in the cage. Don’t worry, here the game will not be over because your teammates can save you. When the seeker is not present, on that time, ask the teammates for the rescue. But if the time is over, then you need to play it again.


  • Smooth controlling the character while playing
  • Colorful graphics and modern-looking visual
  • Lots of challenges and levels
  • Ad-Free interface
  • Unlimited money and unlocked all


  • Not provide the original hide-and-seek game format

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