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Brickworks Games Ltd
09 Jul 2024
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Grim Soul MOD APK
Name of APKGrim Soul: Monster Hunter RPG
MOD Versionv6.4.1
MOD infoFree Crafting, God Mode, VIP Unlocked
DeveloperBrickworks Games Ltd
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 16+
Released Date16 Feb 2018
DownloadsAbove 10Million
Last Update09 Jul 2024

Are you bored with casual games? Welcome to this new action and adventure gameplay. The story mainly focuses on how you can survive in harsh conditions. There are also brutal enemies everywhere and they are always attacking you from anywhere. It is a thriller game that gives you Goosebumps. This also highlights your survival instinct. Here you need to show your ultimate skill to survive.

The game starts in a wasted land that used to be an imperial province once upon a time. But now that prosperous land has become a Zombie land. With an undead Zombies roaming around everywhere and their hungry souls are ready to eat up the others. This all started with a disaster like the plague. In the influence of the deadly disease, all the other people of the city have become half dead and half monsters. Their only goal is to make the other survivors zombies just like them. Or worse tear them into shreds.

Survive yourself on the gameplay

Only a few survivors were in the village. The wild creatures have taken down the village as if their home. They also hunt down the survivors and you being one of those survivors it’s really tough to be alive. Here player started to collect the other necessary items to survive. They start by collecting some basic things then slowly the weapons, food, or other necessities. Then they start to build up their own base or their own hideout.

Join the other thousands of gamers in the surviving battle. Though the situation is chaotic the players need to survive. Get engaged in the brutal battle of being alive with others. Hunt down the half-monster and half-dead creatures. Fight against this corrupted soul and find a way out of this chaotic mess.


Start looking for survival resources in the wasteland. When you find out the resources start building up your own base camp. Then get involved in exciting hunting to hunt down the predators and Zombies. Hunt the other animals to feed yourself. Make your hideout more reliable to protect yourself at night time. As the players participate from all over the world in this addictive surviving game you can join them. You can make a team with them or your other friends to increase your chances of survival. The game is not only it’s thriller game but also exciting to play that increases your survival instinct in a sudden push.

Customize Your Character

Customize character and choose weapon for fight

Start the game by customizing your character by yourself. Choose the gender you want to give your character. Select the facial treat that will make your character unique from the others. Make the wish choice about the weapons and the clothing even to select for your character. Also, choose the other features that will make your character unique from the others. As you get deeper into the land you will be able to unlock the other unique features.

Various Kinds of Crafting Talent

In order to increase the chances to survive the gamers need to learn crafting talents. Besides collecting the survival resources the players need to learn the crafting and skills of construction. They can make the household tools or the others. You can sit anywhere quiet and craft your own sword or armor that will help you to survive in the battle. So feel free to customize your own fine piece of armor or other attractive weapons.

Map Guide

Play Grim Soul MOD APK with God Mode

The players would get to be introduced to a massive map of this wasteland empire. In this map, you will get a clear vision of the whole area. Then you can decide freely where you want to make your head out. And where to go for the hunting. With this map, it is easy to travel to any corner of the Empire. Users can choose the dungeon, the dark forest the hunting round, etc. Even users can find a peaceful area to get a good rest. Or when they don’t want to fight.

Classic RPG Gaming Setup

In this addictive game, you will get the classic RPC gaming setup. And will get them excited and enjoy well multiple features. To find out your favorite weapon and get down to the battle. Explore the land freely as you wish. Try to find other useful resources to survive. If there is a attack hunt down the enemies. Earn the experience of wildlife as you keep being inside the game. Maintain good use of crafting skills and build up your favorite armor or weapons. You can do anything visually inside the world of the game.

Solve the Mystery of Dead Land

Find and solve the mysteries on the land

As you explore more of this dead land you will always be curious about what would have happened into this land. Then start looking for the scrolls and the other clues. Try to find thoroughly throughout the land and don’t miss the clues even by mistake. Otherwise, the mystery will always be unsolved. Will you be able to unveil the secret about the deadline with the clues and the keys? So go on and try to find out the mystery.

Team the Wild Animals and Make Them Companion

The wild animals that are present inside the game are not only for hunting. The gamers can always lay traps and slowly team them into useful pets. Like wolves, this Predator wolf will help you into head-to-head combat. They will also guard your base when you are outside for a hunt. You can also get a horse that will help you to cover up a long journey. Make a stable for them and feed them with food.

Make the Online Clan

If you become devastated by being alone on the deadline if an always-maker theme with others. In this dangerous land, they will help you to survive. It is also easy to protect against the wild animals or the powerful enemies. So join with your friends or the others and make your own kingdom inside it.


  • Excellent and engaging gameplay
  • Get lots of maps with proper guidance
  • Users can craft here
  • Lots of weapons are available to choose
  • Working MOD Menu


  • The graphics and visuals are too dark
  • Few moves for the energy meter
  • Doesn’t have sufficient inventory space

What's new

New location Wagenburg added. Bring new skill books and the season of the Scarlet Hunt.


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