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Greenheart Games
5 Sept 2023
Above Android 5.1
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Game Dev Tycoon MOD APK
Name of APKGame Dev Tycoon
MOD Versionv1.6.9
MOD infoFree Shopping, Unlimited Money
DeveloperGreenheart Games
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date31 Jan 2018
DownloadsAbove 1Million
Last Update5 Sept 2023

We used to play and enjoy the games but were not interested in knowing how it actually made. If you are really interested to know how the games are made and customized then join the Game Dev Tycoon. Although it’s not easy to make an enjoyable video game. The beginners even professional developers sometimes get really confused while making games. Even though it’s not easy to learn the art of making video games it is fun to learn about new things. When you finally learn it completely you get the real benefit of it.

Here the gamers can enjoy developing games and at the same time learn new and interesting things. At the very beginning players may face difficulty in understanding but then when they slowly start to understand the whole thing becomes easier. Slowly you can start to make your own games and make a successful business in this competitive industry. There are so many elements and features that will make the tough journey smooth and easy.

Develop the game using your computer

If you are a beginner in the field or someone who has very little idea about the game then it is the right field to make your experience stronger. Here users can get various kinds of suggestions and options on how to develop and build the business. The normal Android user can also join here to satisfy their curiosity and then if they find it profitable, they can always start a little business of it. This is never boring to the people who are really interested to know and learn new things.


Every Android user will have the chance to participate in this modified Apk. They will have the opportunity to start as a new game developer and will always have the chance to start their own small business. You will really have fun with many interesting gameplay and other interesting features here. So learn and train your skills in creating and developing unique products. Improve your ideas and start making money. Also, try to make your business bigger, and later hire employees who will work for you.

Utilize Your Creativity

Team work on your company to make a new project

Here you should utilize your creative mind to make an enjoyable and engaging game for everyone. As you learn the art of making and also enjoy the process. Start your own gaming company and enjoy the title of being a creator. As the process goes it will understand how to develop perfectly and suitable on all the devices. So, the main thing is the idea that actually matters.

Explore Every Feature

You will find lots of options and opportunities to play on your device. Most of the features are unique and give your mind new wings. Also, find little changes and new levels here. Now, most of the premium features are unlocked for a better experience of using this Apk. For example, use unlimited money and free shopping inside it. Also, you can freely install and use whole options.

Manage Your Own Company

Work on a new Game concept in Game Dev Tycoon MOD APK

As you progress little by little and create your own company you need to learn how to manage it. During this process, learn the problems of your game and fix them. Get multiple reports regarding the company and different ways of thinking. There will also be reports regarding your financial status and earnings of the company. So feel free to explore different directions of business.

Become CEO of the Company

With the earnings and expanding your business more, you can be a boss of many employers. Teach them how to develop a game and other important aspects such as marketing. They can help you to manage your company and expand the business. Upgrade the business and move to a bigger office. Cooperate with other world-class companies and get benefits from them.

Find True Opportunities

The game supports all the players regardless of their level and status. All the players are free to make their own decisions to progress. If you want any investment or suggestions regarding your game and company then Game Dev Tycoon will support you fully. So explore all the opportunities that it gives the players and make a better version of yourself.

Offline Gameplay

Grow your business in the game

Regardless of so many exciting opportunities the gamers can enjoy it offline also. You can enjoy so many features even in offline and explore them to create and develop the game. Even in offline you can practice and use every feature.

Free to Play

This enjoyable and addictive game is freely available here to download and install. You can also install it from Google Play. But users need payment with real money which some players may find annoying. So if you want to play for totally free then download the MOD APK version. You will get all the features that are already unlocked.


  • In-depth gameplay with lots of complexity
  • Many learning materials are available
  • Outstanding graphics and visuals
  • Ad-free interface


  • Not has a consistent game development output


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