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Ovidiu Pop
24 May 2024
Above Android 5.1
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Driving School Simulator MOD APK
Name of APKDriving School Simulator
MOD Versionv11.0
MOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlocked
DeveloperOvidiu Pop
PermissionGallery, Wi-Fi, Storage
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date1 Sept 2020
DownloadsAbove 10Million
Last Update24 May 2024

Driving School Simulator is a simulation racing and driving game for Android. Users can drive cars and there are lots of open-world maps available. You can find more than 150 cars with different brands. It offers authentic gameplay with your favorite cars and uses every item for the best driving simulation. For example, vast car collection, different maps, lots of customizations, multiplayer gaming, various challenges, and a lot more. Each of them has in-depth features and options. So, explore all of them and enjoy the gameplay.

For the multiplayer feature, you are able to play with your friends and play together. So, invite your friends and start the race or drive on the city or highway. Also, it gives a real simulator experience, and players can learn the driving modes and rules as well. This little knowledge helps in real life while driving on the street.

Drive with BMW car on the game

Normally this free version of the game contains few features and every car is not unlocked. Also, you get ads during gaming. So, if you want to use all your dream cars and race on all maps then install the Driving School Simulator MOD APK. It provides all the unlocked features including unlimited money on the game. Using that money, users can buy their dream cars and do free shopping. It actually enhances the overall gaming experience.


This game is mainly designed for users who love to drive and are very passionate about car racing. You definitely need to use your controlling skills as well as show off to other gamers. Keep learning traffic rules and choose the best car from its large collection. Also, the race is in different locations because it contains multiple maps with beautiful surroundings and visuals.

Various Cars from Luxury Brands

Race with the super car from various brands

The game contains various cars from popular brands and players can choose their dream car to drive. Find the popular car models which include supercars, hybrid cars, hypercars, sports cars, offroad, and more. So, select the vehicles based on the situation. For example, when you drive on a highway or racing track, then choose Lamborghini or Bugatti. Also, use cars like BMW, Ford, Mustang etc.

Different Maps

There are various maps are available and each of them comes with an open-world function. It means you can freely go anywhere and enjoy the surroundings as well. On the highway, drive on the long road and see beautiful buildings in famous cities like Paris, Las Vegas, etc. Also, travel between mountains, on the snow, deserts, etc.

Simulator Gameplay

During the gameplay, you need to obey the traffic rules and signs as well. So, it is a great opportunity to learn driving rules and regulations easily. Because this game is designed for players they need to obey the traffic rules anyway.

Install and play Driving School Simulator MOD APK

There are also driving exams available where players need to pass all the tests to get the license. With excellent visuals and high-definition graphics, the gameplay offers an immersive experience. You can hear the sound of the engine of all vehicles and also find the sound effects when drifting.


You will find huge customization options in the game. Especially when you play the modified Apk, then access all the advanced tools. Here you can change the color of the car, use stickers, change the wheel, and a lot more.

Customize or modify the suspension and another adjustment for better driving. Increase the handling, Breck, and speed, for more advantages. Also, change the sound of the engine and the lighting. As you can see, there are many modification options available.

Play with Friends

The game offers a multiplayer mode where you can join your friends and play. Once your friends join, take a challenge on different events or drive together. The multiplayer option works online so either you play with friends or play with global players. The multiplayer mode contains a few unique modes such as drag racing, chase, etc.

Advanced Controls

Play with friends on the multiplayer mode

Players will choose cars with manual and automatic gear control systems. For the professional racer, manual gear shifting gives extra benefits and control. Also, customize the controls for tilt, touch steering, and even buttons. Manage the position and size of the controls on the phone screen.

Additional MOD Features

The MOD Menu gives you the option to unlock the premium unlocked features. So, players can use unlimited money, and gems to shop for other items in the game. Unlock all the vehicles, maps, levels, and even customization tools. Also, the MOD Menu offers extra helpful features for easy to win.


  • Advanced and futuristic driving experience
  • Select more than 150 cars from all brands
  • Lots of game modes and challenges
  • Ad-free gaming
  • MOD Menu


  • Few glitches are available
  • Need to fix the right-side mirror position of the vehicles

What's new

Newly launched hypercar added.

Bring a new chat option for better communication

Fix bugs and improve the performance.


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