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05 July 2024
Above Android 6.0
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Dragon City Mobile MOD APK
Name of APKDragon City: Mobile Adventure
MOD Versionv24.7.2
MOD infoUnlimited Money, One Hit, God Mode
DeveloperSocial Point
PermissionGallery, Wi-Fi, Storage
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 7+
Released Date3 Jul 2013
DownloadsAbove 100Million
Last Update05 July 2024

Dragon City is an open-world simulation game where players can become the Dragon Master. Users main goal should build a dragon city on a floating island and construct buildings, breeding, farming, etc. Three 1500-plus unique dragons are available and players can train them for PvP battles. During this, feed and evolve them because it helps users to become the Master in the battle.

The cool thing is to breed two dragons and create a rare species. After breeding, an egg comes and after a few seconds, the newborn dragon appears with a new look. With it, players can create a dragon family that is also necessary for PvP battles in Arena. So, assemble and create a powerful alliance for the fight. There is also a trade area available and users can take the benefits from them.

PvP Battle with two Dragons

Discover new dragons in weekly events and customize them with colorful skins. The events contain a great opportunity to earn rewards and bonuses. Now Dragon City MOD APK already provides unlimited money and resources for free to use. Moreover, it offers God Mode unlocked and one hit to defeat the opponents.


It is a modified game and only supports Android devices. After installing the APK, players will freely use premium unlocked features. For example, unlimited money, God Mode, One Hit to damage full, etc. Normally, users find all features and the same gameplay. Additionally, it offers a few extra options for easy gaming and winning. Also, the levels, and skins are fully unlocked and use advanced customization tools as well. Gamers will play it without ads because it doesn’t contain ads on its interface. It really helpful and enhances the gaming experience.

Build Personalized Dragon Island

Play Dragon City Mobile MOD APK

After entering the game players’ first choice is to build a personalized Dragon City on a floating island. Your primary goal should be to develop or build the island and take all necessary steps. For example, cutting trees, and removing unwanted items to extend the area. Then fill the region with all types of dragons, construct buildings, farm, and make it a suitable habitat. It already contains all important elements such as rivers for water, wind, trees, fire, light, and more. Utilize each of them perfectly and train the dragon for the battle arena.

PvP Battle Gameplay

It is a highlighting option where users spend most of the time. Here users can choose a dragon monster and participate in the PvP battle with the opponent player. Now, the opponent can be your friends or somebody from worldwide. Now, you should attack your rival and try to get victory. At the top of the screen, the health score shows also there are five stars available. When the health score finishes, the monster will lose the match.

Vast Dragon Collection More Than 1500 Variety

There is a screen available where players can see all the dragons with their names & abilities. Now, the developer added new species during weekly events. For this, the collection increases continuously. Currently, users will find more than 1500 different kinds of species, and all of them have unique looks and superpowers.

Evolution System

Most of the dragons go through their evolution system. During evolution, they developed new special powers and attacking skills. For this, players need to provide a suitable environment with requirement elements. Now, in the battle, users will get extra advantages and earn more rewards.

Dragon Breeding and Create Rare Species

Dragon Breeding Cave in Dragon City MOD APK

Dragon breeding is a pretty unique concept where players can amalgamate two dragons and create a rear species. This new dragon species comes with different power and attacking ability. So, it helps users win during arena battles easily.


This game offers a few customization options for the players where they can decorate dragons with special skins. Now, the free version locks most of the skins but here you will use all premium skins easily. Also, during events, get more unique skins as well. Moreover, there are some gaming controls and graphic customizations are available. So, explore those settings and give them a personalized look.

Collect chests and some other elements

Collect Chests and other items on the game

Players can go through quests and fight on PvP Arena. For this, the game provides Warrior’s Chests. The chests contain lots of rear items that benefit gamers. Also, collect the Orbs to power up your dragons.


  • Advanced graphic and smooth animations
  • A huge number of dragon species are available
  • Dragon contains an evolution and breeding system
  • Easy to play


  • Few events and special chests
  • Poor innovation

What's new

Adding new VIP dragons Bring new battle strategy and improve the attacking skill A few customization options added


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