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Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc
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dragon ball legends mod apk
Name of APKDragon Ball Legends
MOD Versionv5.4.0
MOD infoUnlimited Crystals, One Hit, GOD Mode
DeveloperBandai Namco Entertainment Inc
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 12+
Released Date27 May 2018
DownloadsAbove 50 Million
Last Update20 May 2024

The landscape gaming experience is continuous in most attention-capture genres. So somehow, it’s becoming the most progressive categoryal enhancement. The main aim is to capture the audience of cartoon characters lovers. So the developer chose the famous anime show Dragon Ball Z and successfully created a related game, to remind childhood memories.

With the best anime action RPG related to Dragon Ball Z it’s a live character on the Dragon Ball Legends MOD version. Notice every smaller-than-small detailing with 3D visuals to knock out the player’s old memories. Memorable things are the game’s storyline, with more than 400 characters and relatable figures. That is why gamers engage deeply with childhood memories and they don’t want to leave the game.

The main character Goku is here now and also creating new characters by Akira Toriyama. The new characters have their storyline for a good experience. Deadly fighting skills like a Superhero, and saving the world fighting with enemies. It’s always a 1vs1 fighting format like a Solo match. So present your skills and Win the mission and events. Also, experience new attractive features for better gameplay.

Introduction of MOD Version

It is the most interesting concept, known as the MOD APK version. In this version, players can play a smooth gameplay. With Unlimited Money, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Crystals, and One Hit features encourage people to stay here always. Also, get Upgraded skills developed and unlock all Equipment and Tools it is always a win to help. Ads-free gameplay always likes to play because of the peaceful definition of a secure and enjoyable place for gamers.

Play with Anime Characters

The original anime characters feel like real gaming experiences. After listing Goku and Vegeta voice relations players to the loved anime series and improves the immersive experience. lovers of the brand with a complete and dynamic gaming experience that seamlessly combines visually spectacular graphics, a wide variety of characters, exciting gameplay mechanics, and an engaging unique plot.

Defeat Enemies and Attack Constantly

Combat becomes more exciting with the addition of the Rising Rush attack, which is team-based. To launch a strong, coordinated attack and dramatically change the course of the battle, players can carefully fill slots during combat. After getting powerful equipment attacking opponents and striking several times.

Worldwide Competition and Battles

The competitive and dynamic nature of the game is enhanced with the option to play live PvP matches against people worldwide or compete in 1v1 matchups against friends. Players of all skill levels are catered to with the addition of Ratings matchups and non-ranking casual situations. Fight in ferocious combat and squad-based PvP matches, using special weapons and character abilities to win.

Anime Characters and Upgrade Skills

Anime characters have their skills and superpowers help to engage gamers. So users can not stop any kinks of missions and events because of powers and skills. The game gains a new and interesting depth with the introduction of an original story starring a new character named Shallot. Alongside well-known characters, players can immerse themselves in a brand-new journey.

Graphics and Gameplay

Superior 3D environments and character models that vividly illustrate the dynamic world through captivating graphics and fluid animations. A contemporary touch is added by the meticulous recreation of famous special moves. a visually spectacular and lifelike gaming experience with the popular anime film, presented in ultra HD three-dimensional visuals.

Amazing Plot and Superpower

One feature of the ability to fly while fighting. With finger movement, you can always do a lot of damage with a power combo. In just a few seconds, use it to battle and eliminate opponents. There is undoubtedly a win or a loss after the fight.


  • Reflects the vitality of the comic and animation for Dragon Ball.
  • Different types of Dragon Balls.


  • Combat actions are tricky to execute.
  • 1vs1 One-sided Fighting skills.
  • Deafet with Powerful Characters.

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