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09 July 2024
Android 7.0 and up
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Dice Dreams MOD APK
Name of APKDice Dreams
MOD Versionv1.79.0.20404
MOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlimited Rolls
PermissionGallery, Wi-Fi, Storage
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 7+
Released Date5 Jan 2020
DownloadsAbove 10Million
Last Update09 July 2024

Invite as many users as want and bring your friends. Gamers play dice that offer vital abilities, permits, coins, and awards in a new universe of floating islands in this game. It might be applied to expand your dominion and destroy those of others. With coins, players can create their custom world with a variety of structures and amenities.

Dice Dreams MOD Free

Show off your building skills and defeat your rivals in in-person conflicts. By introducing your friends and succeeding in this thrilling game environment, join the guild. Gamers can strategically invade neighboring kingdoms with a slingshot, roll the dice on a magical board, and fight against pals in this exciting experience.

Dice Dreams MOD Download

Players can connect globally thanks to the game’s social integration, which promotes a feeling of community. Dice Dreams is an engaging gaming experience with a gripping story about Bob’s struggle to recapture his land. Users are kept interested by the development system, variety of obstacles, and kingdom-building elements.


The classic dice board game is given an exciting new dimension as players roll the dice on the magical board and can strategically steal from other kingdoms and fight head-to-head with allies. Gamers must use shrewd strategies to outwit adversaries since the slingshot concept for raiding and looting adds a dynamic and strategic element to every action.

Dice Dreams MOD menu

Dice Dreams excels in social integration, enabling users to collaborate with friends, invite Facebook contacts, and compete internationally, even beyond its gameplay fundamentals. This not only gives participants a competitive advantage but also builds a global sense of community and togetherness.

Battle with Unique Characters

Loot them with everything to construct your island, as they are shaped and designed in various colors and settings. However, at times, this stealing and looting leads to in-person battles that are important to keep engaged in the game. To establish yourself in the gameplay of Legendary Battles, now need to show off your strength and abilities.

Build Your Island and Territory

Utilizing the required tools and abilities, create and expand your empire. creating and developing unique buildings as well as other kinds of services that lead to township growth and movement. a self-contained, fully functional island that contributes to recognition. It will also bring with it plenty of coins and opportunities to create and grow even more.

Smash Defense One Tab

using multiple methods to demolish the islands of your rivals. That sometimes leads to fights as well, but it’s okay for those to become legendary in the play. Similar to swarming other islands to make yourself seem superior and genuine. robbing other islands of their riches and resources while defending your island from attacks.

Play with Friends and Globally

After the game has been installed successfully, you may make an account and start playing. In order to make invitations easier to send, we permit this account to connect to an outside social network. To make the game more enjoyable, you can play it with others and compare your accomplishments. Also, it is permitted to establish friendships with other gamers. Sending invites to your friends is one of the benefits of joining the game.

Graphics and Sound Quality

Dice Dreams, with its engaging animations and striking visual effects, is a fantastic mobile game that will delight Android gamers in their casual dicing efforts. Dice Dreams will additionally enable mobile gamers to tailor their in-game experiences with various graphical quality options.

Amazing sound effects and engaging soundtracks are other features of Dice Dreams that will let Android players get the most out of their in-game experiences. To start enjoying the best time possible, just input your phone’s device.

Collect a variety of Stickers

The many customization options available to Dice Dreams Users are varied. In this section of the game, you will find a variety of stickers with unique themes and designs that you can easily put on your castles and other things to change their design. As the game advances, explore a variety of customizing options.


  • Advanced touch controls
  • Most Endless Features added
  • See the iconic locations


  • Face some glitch
  • Few missions

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