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VNGGames Studios
05 July 2024
Above Android 5.1
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Dead Target MOD APK
Name of APKDead Target Zombie Games 3D
MOD Versionv4.134.0
MOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlocked Weapons
DeveloperVNGGames Studios
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 16+
Released Date3 Jun 2014
DownloadsAbove 100 Million
Last Update05 July 2024

It is an intense category where gamers check Shooting Skills and alertness. Realism Gunshots and graphics always grab people with competition and delight. All first-person shooting APK games are always favorites to play. The best features are stunning sights, engaging graphics, quick motions, and legendary characters that always hold to play. One of the best FPP shooting games located in the top 20 ranking positions on PlayStore.

The good thing is It’s offline play and with a modified version more catch users. In video games, zombies are typically seen as standard opponents. In one of the most well-liked zombie shooting games, take a chance to kill them. Prepare to protect and engage in survival combat.

Fight in dark zone

overcoming three-dimensional graphics, realistic sound effects, intricate texturing, devastating weaponry, eye-catching skins, and an intuitive control scheme make this shooting game for Android cellphones a triumph. Not just stupid enemies, zombies are fierce opponents with a variety of deadly skills.

Players will come across a variety of zombie kinds, each with their own set of obstacles that must be strategically solved, ranging from tough creatures like tanks to lightning-fast sprinters. An even more exhilarating experience than zombie shooters thanks to its dynamic and subtle design.


Explore two possibilities by using action mode to unlock each screen. Engage in lengthy work sequences or play quickly. There are many frightening locations like Zombie River able to survive there. Take time answering; instead, play to see what happens. Sometimes having too much confidence causes lose balance a few minutes early.

deadly zombies located

Use the weapons at the ready and keep shooting in front of the monster that emerged from the ceiling and door. Played an important part with M, but there were no teammates or reinforcements. This was a girl who was confined here, keeping the gory bodies away from her.

Flawless Gaming Experience

The advertisement may cause the game to crash when it finishes or when we start a new level, which makes it incredibly tedious to restart. When playing games, no one likes seeing banner ads or videos on the internet. We all agree that this is a fantastic feature that is here without any ads. So get this one and enjoy it day by day.

Free Shopping with Unlimited Money

Strong zombies can be knocked over with a simple memory, meaning you’ll need to use ultimate weaponry to take them out. However, in the official version, it’s extremely difficult to finish levels and get money to buy the legendary weapons. However, acquire endless money to upgrade guns and equipment. It’s no longer necessary to wait for weapons to unlock as it was previously.

spreading out blood

Stunning Plots and Graphics

Realistic visuals that vividly depict the horrors of the zombie invasion bring to life a visually breathtaking world of chaos and destruction. From deserted city streets to heavily guarded safehouses, each setting is carefully created to improve immersion and authenticity. A captivating ambiance that captivates players with its meticulous attention to detail and moody sound design.

Alive to Struggle in 2040

A brave crew of snipers appeared as humanity’s last line of defense against the undead’s unrelenting assault amid the general trouble and suffering. These brave people braved the front lines and faced the horrors of the future world head-on, charged with the enormous job of protecting what little remained of civilization. As a player, thrown into this terrifying story and given the responsibility of a brave survivor whose life depends on putting an end to the zombie threat and ensuring humanity’s existence.

Powerful Equipment with Upgradation

The features of a gun are defined by its damage, accuracy, rate of fire, reload time, criticality, and durability. Every stat can be raised to its maximum with an upgrade. The skin has the effect of altering the weapon’s appearance as well as its standard stat. Consider increased damage and a quicker rate of fire when equipping a new skin.

defeat enemies

like weapons of mass destruction, color recovery, limitless ammunition, immunity to gun damage, and ammunition. Select it from the store and purchase anything think the game requires. the following conflict. Special packages for the purchase of special guns, cash, and gold.

Missions Tasks and Events

Defend the survivors and yourself by fighting. Players can engage in multiple battles for rewards in addition to the daily assignment that becomes available after they hit level 4. Many simple missions, such as eliminating six poisonous guys, demolishing a mega rock, and executing 160 corpses, are available at the highest military level.

The experience gained early aids in both leveling up and down for players in addition to the boost. In this manner, if the battle is the best before the zombies, the rating will progressively rise. More recent updates on events are available here as well.


  • Unlimited Shopping
  • Unlimited Money
  • Ads Free Gameplay


  • Several Times Updates
  • Bugs located sometimes

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Fix All Bugs Ads Free Gameplay

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