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Royal Ark
21 Jun 2024
Above Android 6.0
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Dawn of Zombies MOD APK
Name of APKDawn of Zombies: Survival
MOD Versionv2.253
MOD infoMOD Menu, Free Craft, Freeze Enemy
DeveloperRoyal Ark
PermissionGallery, Storage, Wi-Fi
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 16+
Released Date29 Oct 2019
DownloadsAbove 10Million
Last Update21 Jun 2024

If you want to play a game that will make your heart beat fast then try Down of Zombies on an Android phone. The gameplay is based on the action and adventure genre. If you are getting bored with the other casual games then it will take you to another look inside the game. The story starts with a destroyed city after a distractive war. Inside the destroyed city the players need to make their survival by using useful features and performing various activities.

The gameplay starts inside a city that was destroyed after a war. This prosperous city has now become a totally disasters place. Because of the war, there are so many heavy weapons and nuclear blast occurs. Those heavy nuclear blasts have affected the lives of inhabitants very badly. And the people inside the city have become mindless because of the pain and the effect of the polluted surroundings. They have become mind and heartless monsters that are ready to attack any living being there. Only a few human beings are present in that place.

Start playing the Dawn of Zombies MOD APK

As a gamer, you will be playing the role of a lucky survival human being. At the starting point, the gamers need to find a suitable base camp for themselves. Then slowly start to collect the limited survival items from the war-destroyed surroundings. Build a strong base camp for themselves to survive and rest at night time. They need to survive here by using the given resources and the other resources that they collected already. They need to fight with those monsters in order to survive and try to find the other companies who are alive in that spot.


In the gameplay, players should collect the surviving resources and build a strong base for various uses. Then you customize the character based on your choice with multiple features. Get your favorite vehicles to travel around the surrounding areas. When you get attacked by Zombies are getting into a dangerous situation fight back to survive. Choose your favorite weapon and make good use of it. As progress inside the game, you will get the chance to discover over 150 blueprints of arms, vehicles, weapons, and others. With these opportunities, anybody can easily defeat their enemy. Find the other companies inside the game and join them to hide from dangerous enemies. It’s a game that boosts up the player’s survival instinct.

Build a Strong Base

Build your base and collect resources

The players need to start building their own base by themselves. In the dangerous situation after the war, it is really hard to live. In just a moment of carefulness, you can last your life. That’s why it’s necessary to have a strong hideout. Make your hideout strong and convenient by using the wasted material of war. Build up your bass underground and collect all kinds of necessary goods to use whenever you need them.

Fight Against Evil

In the gameplay, the players can fight with each other in order to get their hands on useful resources. Everyone wants to be alive in this devastated land so they are fighting for their life. So make sure you don’t get killed by the others because of lack of energy. In order to survive the players need to always check up on their energy level and make sure there is always enough energy for them to return to the base otherwise you will die outside. Always return to the base for a good sleep that will also fill up your energy bar.

Take Part of Exciting Adventure

Explore all areas by riding on a horse

Other than fighting for resources the players can also take participate in exciting adventures. They can explore the game world with their vehicles and with their favorite character. You will get to know the other various types of characters and will have the chance to travel. Take part in various quests and challenges to get precious rewards that will help you. Find out the notes that will introduce you to heartwarming stories.

Explore the Area with the Map

The map is available for the whole destroyed area and the gamer easily find the places they want to visit on that map. It will show the rain location for various types of adventurous land. So adventure through the dark forests, and wasteland and challenge the tough zombies, bandits, or the other wild monsters. Even also have the chance to collect various types of artifacts or other valuable prizes that appear randomly on the map.

Make Team with Others

Although the population is very low because of the distractive war, you will get to meet with a few numbers of survivors. Here the players can join them or even share the experience of being inside the destroyed area with them. The gamers can even trade with them and exchange valuable items. Get the items you need in exchange for the other item. Some necessary items may help you to become a stronger fighter.

Craft the Necessary Items

Craft your own items that are necessary for gaming. To survive in the dangerous world it is necessary to have heavy weapons. Get yourself the most powerful weapons and craft them with various items and unique features. You can design your own spy drone or the amours that can help in this heavy battle. Also with the levels up users will get the chance to explore over 150 types of other weapons.

Earn Extra Rewards

Those who want to earn extra rewards can participate in various types of quests. If you were able to win the challenge, will get an exciting reward. Participate in those rescues and defend your companions from zombies and monsters to get various types of prizes.

MOD Menu

With the help of the MOD Menu on the game, you can win any challenges easily. Because there are lots of helpful features available such as Freeze Enemy and Free Craft. Also, it gives all the level unlocked and provide unlimited resources for free. Enable all those premium unlocked features with the Menu. Just give the permission and enable the important Mod features.


  • Lots of items and objects are available in the gameplay
  • Various challenges are available
  • Get customizable character
  • More than 20 locations on the map


  • The resources are not easy to get
  • Need more storage slots
  • The hunger meter declines very fast

What's new

Introduce a Timed event and new ally Candy Smith available.

New equipment was added and it comes with high-damage power.


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