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1 Jul 2024
Above Android 5.0
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Name of APKClash of Clans
MOD Versionv16.386.11
MOD infoUnlimited Gems, Gold, Elixir
PermissionCamera, Wi-Fi
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 7+
Released Date30 Sept 2013
DownloadsAbove 500Million
Last Update1 Jul 2024

Want to play a combat strategy game welcome to Clash of Clans. Here the players get the chance to start their own clan. Make the best strategies against the others and start to conquer the land. It is one of the most addictive combat strategy games for mobile gamers. Now, it supports the Windows PC with the help of Google Play Games. It gives the players the feeling of being a wish strategist. Slowly you start the game with your own little clan or join the other as well. Then slowly gets the levels up.

Here the players start the game by building their own village. You can make your clan with multiple races of creatures. Then built up a house with various uses buildings. And then slowly discovered the other interesting things in the game. You can make your plan from the very start of the game. No need to rash up, the gamers can slowly explore the exciting mystery of the land. Players can then find a way to make their clan one of the most powerful ones. Make your own design to prevent attacks from your enemies. Rescue the others so they can join with you. And can make the other uses of the things that will make them more powerful.

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And if the players want to have friends they can make friends with others in the game and it’s a very good start. You can always make the base or even join the other clans of your friends. Then you will not need to be alone anymore. Also, make friends with other global players. So when the time comes you can help them or ask for help. Can make friendly transactions with them easily. The gamers can share their experience about the raids and battles with their comrades.


Inside the game, the user can be the leader of the clan. Slowly build up the most powerful castle inside your village. And ride up the road of Glory with your comrades. There are many exciting raids or mysterious levels to find out. The gamers can suddenly attack the other village and conquer their lands. Or can make their own castle strong to prevent the attacks from the others. Participate in multiple challenges and collect the various types of upgrades or Power-ups to make the clan even stronger. There are thousands of other players you can join them or attack them as enemies. Now, this Mod Apk offers ad-free gameplay with unlimited resources for free. Users can use unlimited gems, gold coins, and elixir to build the village.

Build and Protect Your Village

Build your village and attack another village

At the start, the players need to build up their village from scratch. Then slowly collect the residences of the village. Give them training so they can help you with battle. And with the help of them make your best formidable. Not only the players will need to clean up the village they also need to protect that from the others. As you start to build up your village you will see the others attacking you. So make a voice choice about the patrolling guard and the position of other types of equipment. That will prevent the village from being attacked.

Attack Other Villages

Don’t just build up your village feel free to attack others. Make good use of canons, bombs, and other heavy weapons to raid other villages. But be careful when you are attacking others. Don’t attack those whom you can’t get ride of in one blow. Otherwise, you will lose your troops in vain. Even though the players can easily win with the right strategy and powerful troops. So check up on your skills with practice.

Adventure Against Goblin King

Upgrade Troops and Defense

If the players are interested in the solo challenges they can get involved in the fight against the evil enemies. There is always a strong need to protect your base. If you want to fight against the Goblin king you can join with others are attack with your own troop. Not to mention the reward you will get after winning the challenge.

Make Good Use of Strategy and Powerful Equipment

Inside the game, there are so many powerful equipment. The players can use that really well to make their village more stronger. Players can also use their evening battle strategy to defeat their enemies. Participate in various challenges and train your troops to upgrade their skills and fight strongly. Unlock epic heroes to make your trip more powerful. Also discovered various upgrades that will make your trip victorious.

Engaging Gameplay

Play this engaging game on your phone

Besides the main gameplay, the players can participate in individual-friendly battles. In this friendly battle, you can practice your skills and ability. With the clan of your friends, you can always get into a friendly match. The players can also join in the global clan tournaments. If you win you can get ultimate magical weapons as a reward. Also, get gold, elixir, and even gems.

MOD Features

Despite all the other things players can play this game in your Android set for free. If you enjoy battery strategy and raid, you can join this. Just install the modified game and enjoy the unlimited gold, gems, and other important resources for free. The best part is, when you spend more it increases automatically. Now, users can upgrade all the troops, and village items to the maximum level. So, experience the maximum power and efficiency of the troops and defense of your village.


  • In-depth strategy gameplay
  • Lots of activities are available and it’s a truly multiplayer game
  • Join the Clan Wars with global players
  • Interesting graphic and visual
  • Unlimited gems and other resources


  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Very slow progression if you do not use gems
  • Need internet every time to play

What's new

With this update, bring a new troop named Druid.

New Apprentice Builder.

Added Hard Mode with Tactical overview.


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