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CarX Technologies LLC
28 May 2024
android 7.0 and up
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Carx Street MOD APK
Name of APKCarx Street
MOD Versionv1.3.3
MOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlock Cars
DeveloperCarX Technologies LLC
PermissionGallery, Wi-Fi, Storage
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 7+
Released Date1 Feb 2023
DownloadsAbove 5 Million
Last Update28 May 2024

With Immersive Challenges, players can not anytime feel bored. Carx Street is located in a sunset city of streets. With adrenaline-fueled first-time experienced users, they can feel the power of racing cars. After winning the race become a legend in the street race. Then lots of collections of Winning trophies and fill your trophy case.

Carx Street MOD APK latest

The easy controller helps to improve the gaming experience. And from time to time boosting system helps always win matches. So much closer camera position gives amazing detailing and it feels like the character’s 3D effect. Here get some extra MOD features, it’s more connected to this game.

Carx Street MOD menu

In story mode, race with different statement car collections. Like all statement cars are available here American muscle cars, sports cars, etc. Gamers also assemble many difatent accessories for more power on this car. Eye-catching features are, that users can drive Vintage cars also, and those cars after modification generate more power.


Gamers always see street racing graphics as the name of a game. drive all new cars and also they can modification with the best accessories. Also, feel a realistic gaming experience, because of dynamic graphics.

free Carx Street MOD APK

For a batter, the incident developer adds Day/Night cycles. On this modification APK, get unlimited resources, unlimited money, etc. For more info scroll down, and read the article.

Automatic and Easy Control

With brilliant touch controls, HUD always gives new experiences in driving skills. After starting this game, the player already gets all the features to run a car on the track. For a better experience, gamers customize the button section and settings to their comfort. With intuitive button controls enjoy a trouble-free gesture combination.

Modify your Cars and Upgradation

Every racing gamer likes to modify their cars with the best tunning. So a player can do this work here. They can upgrade the whole car design like mirrors, headlights, lights, skirts, bumpers, rims, and more. After modification, the Car looks unique and powerful. Also adjusting the tunning car creates more power compared to the basic model.

Car Collections

Amazing car collection that more addicts to the player on this game. Lots of car can see and also drive without any investment because Carx Street has a premium section.

  • Muscle Cars: These cars always give a powerful brute experience. With incomparable straight-line speed and acceleration, players ride energetically. immersive sound, powers, and acceleration, designed to knock your mind to play more.
  • Sports Cars: Sports cars mean high speed, great RPM, faster transmission, etc. These cars have griped handling and extra acceleration. So pass the cornering very easily, that reason players want to drive only Sports Cars.
  • Off-Road Cars: Many people like to drive cars on off-road. So developers fulfill the wish to drive it. SUV cars, and also powerful trucks, players can drive very smoothly.

Also, many different types of cars are available here. Supercars, Tuner cars, and Vintage cars are all categories available here. To install it, and play well.

Career Mode

comprehensive and amusing career mode interacted with people to play much more time. Gamers can drive cars at high speeds and also drift. With this speed and drifting chess opponents and win challenges. Also player uses resources to upgrade cars for better performance. And also they use for buy garage for storage these cars. Move from city to city and fill the fuel for a submerged storyline.

Captivating Graphics

Modern and 3D-based graphics are so a beautiful experience. The location of this game, sunset cities, also scenes are so realistic and developed notice every detail. So after playing it, feel a realism. Truly say stunning drifting exploration you have never before played, this exploration is more interesting and exciting for gamers.

MOD menu Features

Nowadays gamers know about these modification games. Freemium features always upsets ers. So that they don’t want to get it. But MOD menu version, users always get unlimited resources, Unlimited money & coins, and other things. Here players experience an Ads free screen, it’s so relief for users. Here buy lots of houses and use them, as garages this is a very connecting maters for engaging people.


  • Excellent 3D graphic with realism
  • Lots of Challenges are available
  • Ad-free screen
  • Unlimited Resources


  • No new changes
  • Few glitches and bugs available

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