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05 July 2024
Above Android 6.0
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Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK
Name of APKCar Parking Multiplayer MOD APK
MOD Versionv4.8.19.4
MOD infoUnlimited Money, Unlocked All
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date20 Mar 2017
DownloadsAbove 100Million
Last Update05 July 2024

Car Parking Multiplayer is a well-known racing multiplayer game for Mobile gamers. It contains advanced graphics with multiplayer features. Users can drive and race with their dream cars. The developer olzhass introduces lots of features for a better gameplay experience. For example, car garages for service, gas stations, various customizations, voice chat for communications, Police Mode, exchanging cars with friends, etc. Also, any car’s body parts and enhance the ability.

I know there are lots of racing simulator games available but this game provides most of the advanced features. Also, if you want to use its premium features then Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK helps a lot. It comes with all premium unlocked features and offers unlimited money. So, players can shop for any items and use them in the game. Normally, users need to purchase with real money to shop on the game but the MOD APK provides unlimited virtual money for free shopping.

Choose your dream car and drive the car

Experience a modern-looking ultra HD graphic with excellent visuals. Also, feel each car’s sound and the developer tries to make it very realistic. Also, the interface of this game is super easy. Feel free to open the game and then choose your dream car. Also, go to the Garage to do some modifications. Then start to play and choose game modes. There are three Game Modes available. Then start play.


Choose the map or location to start race

The Modifyed APK offers all the premium features for free. Because it already unlocked all cars and other items. Also, users can shop for free because it gives you unlimited money on the game. Using that virtual money, users will purchase all the items for cars and customize them. All the Maps and locations are also unlocked to play. So using the MOD APK of this game, all Android users can use all features for free without any restrictions.

Now, it does not compromise the main features of the game or the gameplay. Players can get all the default features including a few extra helpful options for better gameplay. Also, it gives you an ad-free gaming experience on Android phones. So, drive your dream vehicle and win the race. Moreover, utilize the unlimited money for free shopping and perform other activities.

Explore Every Region

Explore all the maps on Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK

Find lots of maps and various regions in the game. All Maps come with an open-world feature which means, the driver can go anywhere and do anything they want. For example, explore deserts, highways, mountains, cities, etc. Get various surroundings on each map with realistic visuals.

Service Car in the Garage

Servicing is very important for our cars and the game offers a service garage for a better simulation experience. So, visit the nearest garage and service car to improve ability speed, braking system, etc. The Garage option comes with many options and explore each option and use it on the selected car.

Use Gas Station

Use Fuel Pumps or station for refueling your car

We use Gas Stations for refueling cars. Because it is the main source of power for the engine. That’s the reason, the developer provides the Gas Station for the player. Visit and use the fuel pumps for refueling the car.

Exchange Cars from Friends

This option is more useful for the player who installs the normal version of this game. Because the free version comes with limited money and most of the cars are locked. Here if your friends have a dream or favorite car then exchange it. It is a great opportunity to drive the cars that don’t have in the inventory. But after using this MOD APK it is a useless feature. Because it already has all unlocked cars.

Communicate with Friends with Voice Chat

Most of the multiplayer game contains the communicate system such as text, voice, etc. But the Voice chat system is more useful compared to the text chat. Now, players utilize Voice Chat to communicate with friends easily. Also, players can get a full friends list to manage them easily. So, make friends and communicate using the voice messages.

Multiplayer Racing and Driving

Download Car Parking Multiplayer MOD APK and Play on Android

There is no doubt that this game comes with the multiplayer features. So, join your friends and other players globally to play together. Using the multiplayer feature, friends can join and start playing the game. So, it’s a great opportunity to show off your driving skills and win the race.

Huge Customization Options

It offers huge customization options for cars as well as characters. However, the basic customization options are available for the cars. For example, change a wheel, adjust the angle of the wheel, manage the height of the suspension, and more. In fact, tuning the engine, and turbo for better sound and performance, modification on exhaust, gearbox, and a lot more. Not only can users customize the inner part of the car but also change the body color, stickers, etc.

Drive Dream Cars

The game contains most of the famous brands of cars and finds more than 100 different cars as well. All cars are fully unlocked and anyone can use them to drive and start a race. So, choose your favorite vehicle and select them to drive.

Get Unlimited Money

It has a virtual money option to shop for different items. Now, the free version offers limited virtual money. To get more money, spend the real money on shopping. But this MOD contains unlimited money and use them for free shopping. Use that virtual money as much as you want because it is never finished.

Unlock Skin for Characters

When start playing the game, get a character that plays the user role. Now, players can customize the avatar using 16 different skins. Try each skin on the character for a unique look. The best part is all skins are completely unlocked and free to use.


  • All cars unlocked
  • Huge customization options
  • Ad-free gaming
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free Shopping on all items
  • 100% working premium features


  • The free version contains limited features
  • Need improvement on car drifting
  • Few game modes

What's new

New Car Sound for better gaming

New Environment added

Added door animation and car traffic

Fix some bugs and enhance the overall experience

Few optimization


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