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John 3:16
12 Jul 2024
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3D Driving Class MOD APK
Name of APK3D Driving Class
MOD Versionv31.40
MOD infoPremium Unlocked, Unlimited Money
DeveloperJohn 3:16
PermissionNo special permission
File FormatAPK
Content RatingRated 3+
Released Date4 Dec 2016
DownloadsAbove 50Million
Last Update12 Jul 2024

It is one of the most engaging and successful racing simulation mobile game. With the gameplay it won the hearts of the players, becoming a favorite within a very short period of time. This Apk gets more than fifty million plus downloads on Google Play Store. It is a very challenging simulation racing game, which features very high-quality graphics. It also gives a realistic feeling to the players and everything is so accurate that players can always relate to this game. Players will find all the features of a racing game as well as a simulation experience in a perfect way.

Everything is modified here, the smallest things can be selected according to the player, such as the accelerator pedal, brake pedal, steering wheel, different colors of the car, and various high-quality futuristic accessories. Those options are freely available and can be used in the car with the help of this modification.

Enjoy real car driving simulation

The game provides various information about racing as well as driving. Also contains various training to become a good driver with the 3D driving classes. This driving simulation gameplay offers a realistic and educational experience for players of all levels. You can use it in the real world and can learn a lot about driving very easily at home with fun.


The developer has worked perfectly on its graphics considering all aspects that a gamer expects. Also, this game contains as many fun things as possible to make you happy. The graphics and visuals are well-designed even the 3D class created for training and it captured the driving school environment from Berlin, London, and Paris. Those are just for gamers to have a great mind-blowing experience. It guides users from start to finish on how to drive a car in the right way.

Here you can enjoy driving a Honda, scooter, Jeep, six types of trucks to premium cars like BMW. It will progress from easier levels to harder levels and 21 exams have to be passed along with it. This game is completely in sync with the real world where users can easily learn all the small rules of driving.

Real World Gameplay

Drive car in the 3D Driving Class MOD APK

The gameplay follows the real-world experience of controlling the vehicle. For example, if you want to take a turn then you must use the left or right indicator. At the same time, players should follow the traffic signals. A driving teacher will always follow you when you drive and if you break the law, the instructor will be unhappy and his face will fade. It uses very advanced mechanics and physics, for example, if a player hits a motorcyclist while driving, the motorcyclist falls off the motorbike and a short video replay of him plays. Small details have been added to it. Drivers can easily turn on the car’s headlights while driving at night and if it rains then the wiper will be used.

Character Simulation

In addition to driving the car, this game allows you to control the character. With that character, it is easy to enjoy various types of vehicles and explore new places. The character can easily travel by bullet train or across the ocean by a ship. Even it can be taken to the sky by plane with vehicles. The city’s magnificent streets can easily be explored with your character.

It makes every area of the driving school accessible from every classroom. And allows players to enjoy the different environments of the school. This is very satisfying and attractive to the users. Everything is understood by the developers who have maintained its graphics and realistic feel very nicely.

Real Driving Environment

Choose your dream car and drift with them

Its environment is rendered very realistically and as a result, the player faces more challenging levels. The challenges are from famous countries like Berlin, Paris, and London, busy cityscapes to rural roads are laid out to test players’ abilities.

Players will gradually get the experience of driving in small towns. It can be enjoyed driving in proper rain and snow even at night. Users will have special driving opportunities like off-road tours in various developed cities such as roads connecting Germany, France, Netherlands, and Spain and various European major highways.

In the European version, players will be able to drive all over Switzerland and their vehicles will be dependent on their license level such as Class B for( 5-wheeled vehicles), Class S for( two-wheeled vehicles) and Class A for( three-wheeled vehicles).

Traffic Rules and Road Sign Lessons

Every developed city has different traffic rules and various traffic density levels, and hybrid rules are used in more advanced cities. This game gives knowledge to the players about all types of traffic rules and a driving instructor or teacher always follows the driver and guides the user in every case to drive properly according to the rules.

Obey the traffic rules while playing

From big cities to small towns, they give proper training such as parking, crossing traffic lights, understanding any turning easily, and proceeding without breaking traffic laws with proper identification.

Players can easily drive free like themselves and they can enjoy rush driving but in that case, the police will chase the player which seems more realistic and suitable. Road signs like a left turn, right turn, speed limit, u-turn, etc. Even it guides beginner to pro level players correctly.

Learning with Fun

The gameplay trains users to become excellent drivers. It’s not just about driving on racing tracks but also teaches all kinds of knowledge like traffic laws, road signs, and city rules and regulations. The main purpose of creating this is for both entertainment and education. Here players get a chance to learn many educational lessons along with fun through practice at various places.

Additional MOD Features

Here users can get the modified version of the original game. It gives you proper gameplay with additional features. Those MOD features are used for a better gaming experience and are easy to play. For example, you can get unlimited money and an ad-free interface. Also, every premium features are completely unlocked. Gamers can use any of the features without any restrictions on their device.


  • Lots of customizable cars
  • 3D Graphics and visuals look awesome
  • Easy interface and lots of places to explore


  • The graphic quality needs more improvements
  • Controls not customizable

What's new

Added new RingRoad, Cars, Airport, Airbags in every car, new location, and effects.

Fix a few bugs.


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